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2018 Upward Catalogue

Posted on Wednesday, August 23, 2017
The Upward catalogue for 2018 is available now online. Featuring our range for 2018, you can now browse online or download as a PDF below.

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Upward 2017

Posted on Sunday, February 19, 2017
It struck me the other day that there needs to be a reason why we do things the way we do. It is not uncommon for that core reason to be lost in the everyday grind. The usual response when asked why is “because that’s the way it has always been done”. So when we took the time to examine “why” we pour our heart and soul into the Upward brand it was refreshing that our original core value still rang true, “It’s because we care”. We care that our amazing, habitual and loyal users love a clean practical and functional layout. We care about the environment and use only FSC® certified paper and have achieved our own FSC® chain of custody certification. We care that the quality of materials used to build our diaries will last longer than the intended 12 months of use. We care that the cover materials we use are safe and contains no phthalates. We care that our copysafe pockets will not transfer the toner off the printed pages you store in them. We care that our deliveries are made on time and in full. And most of all we care that the information we print is relevant and can be relied upon. We care so much about the last point that we have invested a significant amount of time, effort and money into developing a mobile phone app to enhance the printed diary users experience of our Upward products. Through this app we are able to stay connected with the diary users and advise them of any post production edits or corrections and deliver relevant date or news alerts. The resent release of Version 2 of the Upward Up2Date mobile phone app has been delivered with many improvements and new features. The most significant of those is the ability to push Upward Up2Date events into your electronic calendars as well as maintain the accuracy of your paper based diary. The Annett Group has owned the Upward brand for more than 20 years and from the time of acquisition we set a course for continuous improvement. It is true that pushing the barrow of small business and dated goods is a grind, but it is certainly not without reward. The abundance of testimonials, support and recognition from adoring diary users fuels the fire and remind us of “WHY” we do things the way we do. For more information, catalogues and pricing please call +61 (3) 9753 3355
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Upward Diaries retains consumer loyalty with quality products and excellent service.

Posted on Monday, June 06, 2016

This letter was written over eight years ago but funnily enough the sentiment remains true today.

When both consumer and business confidence is low, “There’s only one way to go – UPWARD”

Amidst the usual bluff and bravado it has been whispered around the traps (for the first time ever) that overall dated goods might have experienced a slight decline. You could read into that everything including diaries has been touched by the economic down turn. Or the diary doomsayer might suggest that another wave of tech savvy teenagers have leached into the work force and are using more electronics in place of paper based planning.

Whatever spin you put on it, one thing is for certain and that is corporate (or custom) diary orders have been affected by the lack of discretionary marketing funds of big business. In this category we feel there is more pain to come before (or if) it ever recovers any lost ground.

While last season’s result for Upward were the best of the last 15 years and next season’s forecast look extremely promising the atmosphere is reservedly optimistic rather than exuberantly over the top. Upward has identified there is a very healthy upside to stocking a broad range of quality dated goods. What appears more perilous to us is the price driven low end of the market where category killers generally love to play.

There is little doubt the real pain of this economic cycle is still ahead of us as thousands of Australian jobs are shed. Even if the predicted recovery begins in 2010 it has to be understood that the enduring landscape will be changed for at least the remaining working life of my (40 something) generation.

To be as effective as possible in these tough times Upward is paying particular attention to the consumers of diary product and measuring the relevance of what we produce against the consumer’s needs and expectation. It is only by meeting these needs year after year that we can claim to have retained a brand loyal consumer.

Never before has it been truer, that it’s more cost effective to maintain a customer than find a new one. Our resellers generally have a focused approach and empathy for their customer. They are willing to delight with excellent service and quality product, avoiding the temptation to substitute inferior wares in an attempt to gain margin. The penny saved will never cover the cost of the ensuing argument of a dissatisfied customer or the expense of enticing a new one.

After 50 long years of experience Upward remains bullish and continues to work hard avoiding all those nasty bear traps. We encourage our trade to take pride and pleasure in supplying their consumer with the habitual product they want and deserve.

Upward” there’s only one way to go!

Author – Peter Annett, Managing Director Annett Group and owner of Upward Diaries

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How do you say, Merry Christmas?

Posted on Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Send us how you say ‘Merry Christmas’ in another language to win one of our fabulous 2015 Upward Diaries! Share it with your friends and see how many you can come up with! The most unusual translation will win! Get your thinking hats on; you only have until Midnight Monday 8th December 2014! (AEDST)
Feliz Navidad (Spanish) – Get your entries in now!
(All entries will be judged by the Upward Team, winner will be announced Tuesday 9th December 2014)

Enter on our facebook page - facebook.com/upwarddiaries

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Up2Date – The Upward Diaries Companion App!

Posted on Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Designed to accompany your diary, this app keeps you informed with the latest dates and holidays. Removing
the limitations of a printed diary or calendar! With a long list of update categories, you’ll only get alerted on what matters most to you. Whether thats public holidays, school holidays or religious days, you’ll know. Plus – Get our quote of the day straight to your phone to keep you motivated and thinking everyday!

Available on Apple, Android and Windows phones and devices.

visit - http://www.up2dateapp.com.au/ for more information!

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Diary donation helps kids in need

Posted on Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program received a boost this week with Upward Diaries donating $6,800 worth of diaries to be given to disadvantaged children at its partner schools in Sydney’s west and south west.

The diaries, overs from the 2014 selling season, were presented to The Smith Family’s Jack Murphy, Acting General Manager NSW/ACT and members of his team by Upward’s Production Manager, Thomas Duss.

The Smith Family is a national charity helping young Australians in need to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves.

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2014 Diaries FSC® certified

Posted on Friday, February 08, 2013

In 2014 we will be proudly printing the FSC® logo on all our diaries. It has been a long term company ambition of ours to use FSC® paper on all our paper based products. We have been working with our manufacturing team to ensure that we meet the FSC® strict chain of custody requirements and are ecstatic that the hard work has paid off and that we are able to print and display the FSC® Logo on all Upward products.

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We're in the Age!

Posted on Friday, November 30, 2012
We have been featured in the Age newspaper, make sure you keep an eye out for it. Also with Christmas and the New Year approaching fast, pick up your 2013 Upward diary so you can start your year off right! 
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