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Upward Diaries

Our Upward promise is to always select the most cost effective, quality components with the cleanest and greenest credentials. We build our products to the standard and quality synonymous with the Upward brand. We believe it is far less wasteful to build a quality product that lasts its intended life. Our major components are farmed from a sustainable source and are free of harmful chemicals.

The accuracy and relevance of the information we publish is of the utmost importance so much so that we toil over and test its relevance every time we go to print.

Customer feedback is welcomed; it helps to meet our commitment to constant improvement. Our aim is to build a lifelong relationship with the users of our Upward brand and to delight them with a dependable and resilient companion. Our challenge is greater than not to disappoint but to exceed expectations wherever possible. We are passionate about diaries and journals and we want to share our products with as many people as possible.

Featured Product

The Upward Financial Year range

The Financial Year range is now in stock, featuring the 6442, 8242, 8342, 8442, 8542, 9242 and the 9442. These high quality deluxe PU covered diaries are now FSC certified throughout! That means each diary is made up of 100% environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable materials. The Financial Year range come with all the Deluxe features you love, and come in 1 day per page, 2 days per page and 1 week per view layouts.

If you have purchased one of our Financial Year diaries, and are looking for an address book, click here.